Starting Again


My first post in quite a while – and with it a commitment to post every day. Now that most people know my husband has died, some things are easier, and some harder. I find it much easier to just not bring up the topic unless absolutely required. Even with my best efforts, every day has a little “surprise” related to being a new widow. And every day there is yet another thing requiring that I devise a solo inhabitant workaround in the house. The decisions come thick and heavy. Do I keep or sell the house?  Which retirement option do I take: lump sum payout or lifetime monthly income?  Can I afford to buy a newer car that is more appropriate to my life style than a little red sports car with deep (uncomfortable) bucket seats? Do I look actively for a new job or just work on the widowhood project? Things that have helped me cope are a great family , two lovely cats, and a home that is very conducive to contemplative meditation. Work on a curriculum (financial literacy for widows) has also taken on a life of its own, including the possibility of presenting it in a community college setting. More to come – each day.

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