A Speeding Ticket


A week after my husband’s death, my brave 23-year-old daughter went back to school to face a nationally proctored sign language exam, and the usual battery of year-end tests. A month later she received her first moving violation ever – a speeding ticket. Heavy traffic, major interstate highway, slow driver in the far left lane, passing going too fast on the right.  Thank heaven for good friends. One of our long-time family relationships began when our now 30-something sons started soccer at the age of 5 – a team that stayed together through high school, and won the state championship their senior year. The friend’s dad was a lawyer in an organization offering services to member lawyers throughout the state.   He recommended contacting an experienced criminal attorney. That connection proved to be one of the most efficient and effective professional relationships that I have ever enjoyed.  After talking with the officer and prosecutor the attorney was able to have the citation amended to a non-moving violation. No points. In the last two months, I have found myself asking for special consideration in many areas. People have been honest, sincere, and amazingly helpful.  It is leading to a new perspective – less pessimistic, more sincere. What irony.

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