The Cars


The letter came Saturday afternoon about 4:00 from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV):

“DMV has received the fees submitted for the issuance of a plate and/or sticker for the vehicle listed above.  However, our records indicate that this vehicle has not been inspected within 90 days of the plate expiration as required…this prohibits the vehicle from being registered until the vehicle has been inspected.

OK – so – Monday morning is inspection time!

Bright and early Monday morning I called our excellent car maintenance shop and ask if I could come in for an “emergency” inspection.  No problem.

Ah, but not so fast!  I forgot to take the letter with me, and when the mechanic entered the information in the DMV system, it said that the car’s inspection was valid for another year.

Not long after my solo life adventure began, I took one of my three cars to this shop (which we had been using for many years) and let them know that this was the one area of our marriage that my husband had managed completely by himself.  I did not have to track on any maintenance issues at all.  My husband did everything from tires to oil changes. Therefore, I had NO IDEA what the car needed (well, somewhere in my deepest darkest memories I remember my dad telling me to get oil changes every 3000 miles).

When one of the two female owners told me this, she also asked, “Is it possible that the letter is for the other Mazda?” Ah, yes, my daughter’s (much) older car – not my husband’s little red sportster. Such insights are one of the many advantages in taking ALL of your cars to the same mechanic all of the time…even for oil changes…which I had already decided to do earlier.  All the records in one place, someone checking for routine needs on a regular basis.

So…..I get to go back this afternoon with the other Mazda (and the letter) and see if I can become “legal” again.

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