A new college?


My daughter is a lovely, gifted, bright person, with a diagnosis of high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome.  College has been a challenge, but now she seems to have found her career as she trains to become a sign language interpreter.

She entered a community college thinking that if she was successful in that program she would have an Associates Degree in two years (after which she could get a Bachelor’s Degree, which she needs to become a certified interpreter).  What we didn’t know was that there were two years of prerequisite sign language classes required before students are supposed to be able to have the skills to enter the interpretation program (which had an excellent reputation). After two years in preparation, my daughter ultimately had to take a nationally proctored exam. To continue to the Interpreter level classes, you must pass the exam.  Given once a year, it was administered two weeks after her father died.

Results did not come for three months.  She did not pass, nor did anyone in her class that did not have a deaf individual in their immediate family (i.e., if you did not know how to sign before you entered the program, you did not pass).

So, now we are on a crash course to transfer to a state university with an excellent program.  The two-year degree will not be an option, but this appears to be the best path for now. So – last week we completed the on-line transfer application and ordered transcripts. Tomorrow we go to campus to talk to faculty, tour the campus, and ask about housing.

There is no easy answer here, but hopefully the new plan will move everything in a forward direction again.

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