A New Car


I drove my husband’s little red Mazda 6 (I called it the Guy Car) for three months, including a couple of “road trips,” before coming to the conclusion that I really did need a car that I could get out of without moving the seat back (my short legs could only operate the clutch if the seat was pulled up as far as possible – and then I couldn’t get out of the car until I moved it back).

We had toyed with the idea of a new(er) car as soon we paid off his little sportster (in March). My 10-year-old van would stay in the family as the Football Game Transport Vehicle which would carry all the tailgate materials: the tent, the table, the chairs, food, coolers, guys….

Now it was time to revisit the car decision.  My two sisters own houses in the mountains, and I am currently in the flatlands (about five hours away), so there is a good chance that I will be on the road in some inclement weather (including snow). Because of some good family experiences with the line, I decided to look at Subaru’s. While visiting the highlands this weekend, we decided to just go look at the local Subaru dealer to define options. Of course, they had just gotten a load of cars in the night before – with only four Foresters (the size with extra luggage space). I had already looked online at used Foresters, and realized that the cars held their value very well (there was little discount on a used car). And, of course, the model that I wanted with the accessories I wanted in the COLOR I wanted (RED) just happened to be one of the four Foresters that had arrived the night before. The dealer had sold ten cars the day before. With the extended warranty, most of my maintenance would be included at the Subaru Dealer ten minutes from my house.  I decided to buy a new car.

I have never been the primary driver of a new car before.  What an interesting experience! Especially with the bells and whistles that came with the Subaru (including blue tooth which I COULD NOT get to record names in the directory after the first one…but I  will continue to read the 500-page instruction manual that came with the car and work it out).

And my dealer tag fell off in the rain half the way home [I loved the traction of the all-wheel drive], and my son (a high school teacher) and I had a great lunch-time craft project to make a new temporary tag to get me home.

Life is never dull.