The Townhome


Quite some time ago, after my sister moved from the hot Texas Gulf to the cooler mountains, I had started considering the possibility of purchasing a small property near by. The traffic, noise, and inability to see stars at night due to the city lights were wearing on me after thirty years surrounded by pavement.

My sister’s temporary residence while looking for a home was a small group of townhomes, quietly located on a cul-de-sac. The exterior maintenance was excellent, and they were within walking distance of a small downtown area that had all the basics – used book store, coffee shop, art gallery.  She has since found a great home out of town, and has lived there several years.  So – I asked her to keep an eye on the smaller townhomes thinking I might purchase one for a get-away place.

When my husband died, it did not take a long time for me to decide that there was nothing keeping me in the city.  My son lived over an hour away, my daughter was in college. Both my sisters now own homes in the small mountain town. The in-city traffic definitely wasn’t getting any better, and I had been seeking employment for about a year, and nothing had jelled.

I asked my sister to make an appointment with a local realtor to look at townhomes and condos. I went up to the mountain town, looked at two-bedroom units in my favorite development, and they just didn’t connect.  Dark, small…and now I really needed a three bedroom unit to also accommodate my college-aged daughter after the death of my husband.

Then, on the way home from church one Sunday, my sisters decided to drive by my favorite development.  Low and behold, one of the three-bedroom units had a For Sale sign in the yard.  They asked the realtor for a showing, and reported back that the unit was perfect.  An end unit, great view of the mountains, in pristine condition, one car garage, and a large storage area.

Soooo….last weekend I drove up for a walk-through, By the end of the day, I had made an offer, and the next day it was accepted.  We will close in four weeks. My daughter will be very unhappy, and I did not discuss it with her before I signed the papers. But the synchronicities are too strong to ignore. This is where I need to be – a new beginning.

The financing vendor calls started almost immediately.  What fun.  I am soliciting three bids – one from the holder of the mortgage on my current house – a regional bank through which we secured a 3.5% loan several years ago.  The second will be from  a local Credit Union where my current primary checking and money-market accounts are housed.  The third will be from a national bank that has a local presence. It will be interesting to see the outcome from the three quotes. My first meeting is with the regional bank tomorrow morning.

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