Happy Birthday


I woke on my birthday with only two things on my “to do” list:

Prepare the documents for the lender I have chosen for the mortgage on my new house, and drive to the mountains for the weekend.

Silly me.

The first challenge was the microwave issue.  It wouldn’t work. The control panel was dark – so I went out to the breaker box (in a room off my garage), read the labels, and looked to see if any of the switches were out of line.  None appeared to be, but I selected the one that I thought controlled the microwave, switched it back and forth, and went back inside.  Still no life in the microwave.

Unfortunately, the “handyman” whose amazing talents were praised in an earlier post has since retired. But I texted him, and the person who recommended him to me, asking for a referral to someone who could help. They supplied the name of a local store that employed electricians, with the name of a person to chat with.

My daughter had since joined me in the kitchen, declaring “You can’t leave me here without a microwave this weekend!” So…next to the cousins, my two guardian angels who live about 45 minutes away that are helping with moral support and decluttering. Unfortunately, I knew one was out of town.  When I connected with the other, she was standing in front of a hotel in another city, waiting to go in to a conference – BUT – reminded me that her (retired) husband was an electrical engineer and had wired their house – YAY!!

Now – the true hero of my story appears.  When I call the cousin’s husband (Knight in Shining Armor) is temporarily stumped, and we hang up.  BUT – five minutes later calls back. It turns out that the problem was a “ground fault breaker” (go to this link – there are pictures http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/electric/gfi.html). I pushed the designated button, and my microwave magically reactivated.  Life was good. [Now, for future reference, keep in mind this is a temporary fix. If the breaker clicks off again, it’s time to call the electrician].

The truly amazing occurrence surrounding this activity was that my “Knight for the Day” called back not long after and volunteered to come and re-label my breaker box and put it on an excel spreadsheet.  Then he volunteered to paint the inside of my house prior to my putting it on the market. 

So, I went back to the primary activity for the day. Documents for the mortgage lender. The documents that I needed to provide were the following:

_____    30 DAYS OF PAYSTUBS (if applicable)


_____    PAST 2 YEARS W2’s

_____    CHECKING, SAVINGS, RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS-LAST 2 MONTHS (all pages even if blank)

_____    2 YEARS PERSONAL AND BUSINESS (if applicable) TAX RETURNS (all schedules signed)


_____    CHECK FOR APPRAISAL AND CREDIT REPORT ($425.00+18.00=$443.00 made payable to the bank)

_____    CURRENT HOMEOWNERS POLICY (for the residence you live in currently)

The gathering and copying of the above documents took me until mid-afternoon (I had hoped to be on the road by noon). Surprisingly enough the most time consuming were the two months statements for the various checking/saving/retirement accounts – going online to find them, print them, etc. And of course, I couldn’t find one of my 1099’s for last year (I still have not filed my 2013 tax return yet) and had to request a new one, which, miraculously, came within a short period of time. And they needed to be delivered to the bank and copied there.

So I made the decision to just go finish packing quickly, take the documents with me, and see if I could deliver them to a branch close to my mountain get-away. So – thirty minutes later I am out of the driveway, started on my five hour drive.

Except – that I texted my daughter “good bye” at a stoplight on the way out of town and she is distraught because we probably passed each other on the road as she returned from work. “No, we can’t meet, I have to get on the road” – rush-hour traffic around a large town is now a possibility, and I really could not delay. So…FINALLY on the road. I make it traffic free, and then the National Weather Service warnings started about heavy thunder storms and possibility of tornadoes.

At about two hours away from my goal, the rain starts…but, luckily, it is only rain, and not nearly as bad as it was in other areas. I was very glad to be driving the new Subaru with all-wheel-drive.  The traction was noticeably better than in prior cars I had driven.

And then I reached my favorite exit.  There is one on the interstate where you crest a hill and the mountains are there before you like all those lovely postcards.  It was clear driving the rest of the way.  And my dear brother-in-law had a toddy waiting as I drove in. 

Finally, the banker returned my email explaining that the documents would not be in until  the next day (and then only at an out of town location) and said she would just meet me in my local branch on Monday morning. 

Life is good.