Selecting the House Selling Agent


Luckily, I am not in a great hurry to sell my house. We have lived here many years, and moving out will be a painful, cumbersome, multi-faceted journey.

After speaking with four real estate agents, I chose one who not only answered all my 20 Questions for a Real Estate Agent, but also anticipated most. The other three agents were all competent, but no one else seemed to have support for all the activities that will be involved in my lengthy extraction and sale process.

The price differential was interesting.  The first person I spoke with suggested listing the house at $325,000 (the house next door, smaller than mine, has just sold for $310K in a week). The agent I selected suggested $350K, showing comps, support for her numbers, and a method for reassessing if the house does not sell in a reasonable amount of time.  The third agent I talked with would not consider listing for more than $298K. That was not the only thing about which we disagreed. It was interesting was that he would not compromise on a higher listing price, despite my telling him that his was the lowest, and with his knowledge of the selling price of the house next door. That difference in price will pay my daughter’s tuition for the next three years at a state university.

So today, the selected agent  and I went through the many pages of paperwork  – the contract, deciding on a Home Warranty (which covers me starting today, through the buyer’s first year in the house), discussing the decluttering, staging, showing process.

I am sure there will be several more posts about preparing the house for sale as I sadly say goodbye to an old friend.

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