A New Year


OK…a new start.  New house, new town, new car. Still working on selling the old house and the old little red sports car. The family van was donated to a local charity who has been able to use it in their program.

So what’s next?

I know myself well enough to realize I need a regular place to go to work/volunteer.  I am not enough of a self-starter to just make things happen on my own. In my new town, I have already accepted positions on two volunteer boards – a local theater company, and the Homeowners association for my townhome community. I am a true believer that  “when the time is right, the position will appear.”

There is a rehabilitation center in town – a great organization that provides an excellent work-out space, exercise machines and classes.  I have completed a volunteer application there – the main reason being that everyone in town seems to rotate through there in some capacity at some time. The first day I worked out, I saw three people that I know already – and considering how short my list of acquaintances is here, that was impressive.

I have also started attending a church close to my house that fits my belief system very well, and I participate in the music program. Again, a way to reach out into the community in a gradual way.

But until the next regular work/volunteer opportunity arises, what shall I do?

This blog started as a cooperative effort with another widow. We will be getting together soon to write a curriculum for a community college course (non-college-transfer). There is a branch in my new town, so I am optimistic about that upcoming effort.

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