Finally – A Sale


Late yesterday, the official word came – the house is FINALLY sold. Papers signed – after only eight months on the market.

But, of course, not before one last kink in the chain. In mid-afternoon my Manager called to say that the buyers did not want the appliances that I had left – an upright freezer, and a washer and dryer. All three appliances of excellent quality, and in working order, but none anywhere near new. They had not been included on the contract, and the buyers didn’t want them.
So – I tasked my Manager with disposal (suggesting the Thrift Shop I had managed for a brief time). No – the Thrift Shop wasn’t interested. Mr. Manager has discovered a group in town that has a truck and hires “college hunks” to move things locally for a reasonable fee. What a find this service was!! But, before that was scheduled, a casual conversation with the across-the-street neighbors (of 25 years) revealed that they would like to have them for their beach house. (Yes!!)
There are so many things that have just happened “by coincidence” related to my relocation. This is yet another. The appliances vacated the house. “The check is in the mail” (or rather, in the hands of some courier service, soon to be invested in the new community.

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