The Mortgage Bank Draft Mystery


After the family home sold, the loan was cleared.
I went into my local credit union online account to cancel the monthly draft which paid the mortgage on a timely basis. No problem. The sale of the house came very close to the time that the draft was due, so I wasn’t sure exactly how the account would be paid the last time.
About 30 days after the house sold and the mortgage was paid, I received a check from the mortgage company refunding a monthly payment. OK, I thought, just processing that last payment, made after the close.
Then, the next month, I received another refund check. Luckily, I had an unusually high balance in my account to cover all the unexpected fees related to selling the house. So I went into my bank account software and confirmed that the payment was no longer scheduled.
Then, the next month, I received another refund check.
This time, I went to the local branch of the bank, death certificate in hand, and asked to speak with an official. I brought my bank statement, the refund check, and had her log into my online account. She confirmed that there was no draft request for the mortgage company payment. So – she called someone who specialized in bank drafts.
The real explanation was certainly interesting. My husband and I each had a username and password for the online account. I really don’t know why, because he never accessed it, and he never made online payments. Evidently when the account was new, I just used one username and password for both of us, but later added one for myself (again, I do not remember why). I had been using my personal username and password for setting up monthly drafts for quite some time.
The mortgage payment draft had been set up using my husband’s user name and password, so I did not have the “authority” to cancel the draft using my username and password. The bank official used her magic, and confirmed that the draft was, indeed, eliminated.Finally, I have no more drafts.
After more than a year, the widow’s life just continues to be interesting.