Halloween # 2


Tonight was my second Halloween in the new community. This year I was ready! My sisters and their spouses had joined a small group including some neighbors to witness the Halloween Magic. All invited were advised that the only thing they needed to bring was LOTS of candy! We were ready. One of my neighbors brought his camera. Little did I know that he was an amazing photographer! We stationed him and a couple of other adults on the front porch to hand out candy and COUNT people.
The Celebration started for the children on the Town Square (yes, we have one – the traditional grassy city-block area surrounded by Main Street). Once the Town Square program was finished, the ghosts and goblins made their way (about a mile) to our little subdivision. Throughout the year I had been questioning the teenagers (cashiers at the grocery store, clerks at the shops in town, youth at church, etc.) about Trick or Treating in town. All had affirmed that our little cul-de-sac had been the destination of choice for as long as they could remember.
The revelers began to arrive – a trickle at first, and then the crowd arrived. As you can see from the photo, it was not unusual for there to be thirty people ranging in age from babes in arms (in costume!) to accompanying grandparents standing in the yard and street in front of the house. While a few of the costumes were Wal-Mart Wonders, most were home made – and amazingly original! As it got darker outside, someone suggested that all we needed was a little spooky organ music. My brother-in-law (a former speaker engineer who had made an AMAZING set of speakers for me) cranked up my recording of the Saint Saens Organ Symphony #3 on his speakers – and provided great atmosphere for the porch.
I had asked the “candy brigade” to keep count of all our visitors. The official summary was 383 Trick-or-treaters in costume (not counting parents and dogs). There were 142 support staff (parents, grandparents, non-costumed babies). I did count the dog in costume.
My move to this small town has been one of the great blessings of this year.
Halloween is just an extra joy!

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