A Community College Class!


In March and April, I will have the opportunity to conduct a Basic Financial Management course at the local community college. It is the “Widow’s Financial Bootcamp” that I have envisioned since about April, 2014 (when I started realizing how much financial craziness there is out there for widows to deal with in addition to losing her life partner).

The name of the class is it’s Only Money. The Dean (and her supervisor) wanted to widen the scope to anyone who needs assistance with basic financial management skills, so the word “widow” was removed from the title.

This will be a BASIC course – how to

write checks

manage a checking account,

organize financial records

read statements from banks and investment companies

and the biggie:

How to Develop and follow a budget

Eight classes from 1 to 3 in the afternoon (one a week from March 7 to April 25). I hope enough people register for it to run. So now I will start visiting the offices of every CPA and lawyer in my little town, and talking to the ladies groups in the area.

Wish me luck!!